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I live in a small town Soledar, Dobnetskaya oblast’. I was born here but when I was 2 y.o. my parents moved to Russia. We lived at the North of Russia for 10 years. I liked that place, a forest with berries and mushrooms, wonderful nature. But when I was 12 y.o., we returned to Ukraine. I finished school and went to the institute. I was lucky enough and was taken to three institutes and had to make the choice. I chose Economical Institute. Now I am economist and I like my profession. Being a student I met my husband and we got married. We lived for 4 years but he found it too boring to have the only partner and I could not bear his lies. We got divorced. I have been living alone for 2 years since. I work at the mine as a manager and at the moment my life is my work and my home. I have many friends, but I would like to find someone to share my life with. To share my interests and make a friendly family. I am a person of different interests. Recently Egyptology has become my interest. I like reading, singing and dancing. I can’t be sad if I am in a good mood. I can’t smile if I am sad. I can be naughty and make my friends laughing. I adore nature, walking in any weather. I like watching a storm at the sea. I go to a gym and to the pool but it’s only for fun. I don’t like soap operas, instead like listening music. Trust me; I am looking for my soul mate, life partner and future husband. Who is intelligent, kind, sincere, open-minded, with whom I would feel at ease, at the same time who will give me confidence in future, for me to feel defended and secure in any minute through our life.
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