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Absolute transparency in the relationship is an excellent thing, but only if it does not apply to the following ten points.


1. Deception

Never lie to her. Perhaps she will understand and forgive, but in the future she will never believe you. So why? You know very well what will be in the end.


2. "Corporate Business" things

Women - being quite insightful. So, believe me, they are without your help can make the right conclusions about the prospects of a single individual male. As in his bed, and in business. In the end, it's your own business, and nobody's more.


3. Family Secrets

Do not load her beautiful head with details about family conflict. And try not to leave her for a Sunday lunch in the circle of your relatives. Imagine yourself in her place - you better show her to your family not when all your relates are together, but over time.


4. Representations of the ideal

Do you like tall blondes with big breasts? Then why did you choose this little slim brunette? Okay, love, as you know, evil. Once such a thing happened, keep your mouth shut and do not admire those


5. Errors

On error learn, but they do not yell about them. If you are not in church, no one will require you to confess all the blunders committed in life. It is unlikely that your friend will enjoy a lengthy story about how you failed school exam or took off from work because of the talkative secretary boss. In the end, she (well, not the secretary, of course) is more interested in your future, not the past.


6. Don Juan list

If you were careless enough to put them in a notebook the names of your girlfriends, or, worse, to describe them in your diary, now hide it in the most secure bank vault, or just burn it.


7. Porn magazine

Despite the frantic protestations of men, sexologists and male sexologists, the woman still feels that they are for perverts. And if she is still able to draw a parallel between the appearance in the house porn magazine and yesterday's hottest sex, believe me - beg for forgiveness will be very difficult.


8. Finance

For your girl knowing your amount of money you store in your business or your glass jar, is not necessarily. Or her eyes will start spinning toe, and she will consider you a "good party", or there will crosses through which you will already be difficult to get to her heart and get comfortable there. Eventually she will realize how much and what you stand - no doubt.


9. Friendship Secrets

If your friend poured your soul for a case of beer, it does not mean that you need to wash his bones with your girl. Women like men's secrets. So better keep your secrets to yourself.

10. Experience

If you have ever been married twice, thrice convicted and four recorded in the district library, it does not give you the right to think that you are smarter and more experienced than woman. At least she thinks so.


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