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"Let's be friends". Important words, not once sung in various films and books that gave a hard blow to self-esteem of generations of men. How to reverse this situation, or even use it to your advantage? Read on!


So, you met a lovely girl, and you start the siege. The girl readily accepts flowers, trips to the cinema and sitting in a cafe, all at your expense, of course, but attempts to force the situation meets the trite phrase <Come on, we'll be friends>. Wake up buddy, its layout! There is no friendship between man and woman - all these are tales. Because there are two things, she likes you or not. If she likes you - it is only sex. If she does not, she will hide it and you will be just a sponsor for her.


What to do if such a misfortune happened with you? The simplest and most natural solution is to spit and go your own way. Sea is full of fish, why you must spend time and efforts, if you can spend them with far greater benefit?


There are a lot of girls who are just waiting, when you will meet them.


You're not looking for easy ways? Want to take revenge on her for a misspent life? Or simply she is so good that you are not satisfied until write her in your list of victories and after sex will draw another star? Well, then approach the subject with all seriousness!


Friendship - a good start. Friends is cool - just to be able to use them (sounds cynical, but for girls it is, almost always - they use friends men to the full extent).


For starters, you should just get lost from her life for some time. It will be easier for you this way. And secondly, do you like to begin the next cycle of your relationship with a clean slate. If you still want to start it all. No calls, no SMS, no "accidental" meetings. You are no longer for her. But at a time until this brake, communicate more with female, in all aspects, including sex. Experienced male is always more attractive. So be experienced male. This also helps you to endure the right time.



So, if you followed the advice, you will appear before her updated, new, successful man. You're cool, full-grown male, you are the prize. Most likely, she will have to sweat to get it. For you, this should be natural.


Consider your next steps: first, gently stop paying for her. Secondly, let her entertain you. Let her sometimes invite you as a guest and treat you to something delicious, personally prepared.


Third: She said, "Let's be friends" so do like one - tell her how you feel good with other girls, invite a noisy company. Invite her to support you on a date with other girls (like "you wait in the side, if it comes ugly, I am rid of her quickly, and we'll go for a walk with you"). Do not show her that you have interest in her as a woman, just as a friend, more conversations about sex, gender relations, asking her opinion about other girls and argue about it. But you're making yourself Social Proof; prepare her to have sex with you.


Fourth, never miss her girlfriends - Flirt with all her girlfriends. Here all is simple. Her girlfriends will tease her because of female competition, they will be glad to flirt with you. Your job is only to respond adequately to them. She will not take it anymore, and soon she will drag you to bed, if only you already did not go on a date with one of her friends.


Now that you've achieved your goal, your time to decide what will happen. After you've become much better and more successful than ever before. And around so many beautiful girls ...



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