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Concerning teaching, approximately all Russian young women have or make some efforts to get it. In past tuition was free and that's why all ladies learned at some high schools or universities. Now there are only few unpaid courses but on the whole tuition in Russia is paid. So, today's Russian young women have only few opportunities for studying but they as well make attempts to earn good training.

What work position to select for Russian young women?
You can see that every woman on our site has a work. You can give a question: is it excellent or unstable job? Problematic to say as you understand that one and the same work in Russia and in European towns is paid in another way. For instance, a gifted doctor who is earning a living in Russia has a small wage; he simply keeps body and soul together. At the same time Western doctor who is working for example in USA is very rich human and has a very high salary. His parents is well supplied for wonderful life and secure future. So, if you decide to marry Russian girl, do not pay special notice to her profession, examine her personal features, inner world and some beneficial manners.

Russian young women and business
There are a lot of ladies in Russia who is working all day long or who has a couple of jobs. It doesn't indicate that women want to create a successful progress in business or become working women. It purely shows that economic situation in today's Russia is so bad that ladies are obliged to earn living for the coplete family. And I am sure in future when their business situations alter to perfect ones, they will definitely be good housekeepers and make a loving atmosphere in their places of living.

Are Russian girls frugal with money?
Russian young women are very attentive with money. They take nearly full responsibility of protecting the household. Considering unstable economic situation Russian ladies consider it is not available to calculate the family funds. Therefore when shop something she uses money only on something that is important or what she needs. As for first appointment ayoung man can be startled how many benefits and affability Russian young ladies desire from their future husbands. But mainly you will be a winner if you demonstrate your chosen girl your passion and sentiment. Transmit her some roses or a number of small presents. We do not mean gift like Tiffany jewelry or bracelet with sea pearls, no, start from musical card, again flowers, a nice doll …Do not become amazed if you pay for her in restaurant, or taxi. You were developed in another atmosphere, another way of living. In Ukrainian countries girls are not that independent as a result they are not that ambitious and overconfident. At the first meeting you will see her a little afraid. They think (again because of the way of living) that if guy does not desire to be careful in small items he will not be able to be careful of her in the marriage.

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