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1. "All women are bitches" - Yes, women sometimes give cause to think about them that way. If you see all women like bitches - it's more likely you just want to see in her a bitch: but in reality it is a really good, sweet and affectionate girl with whom you could build a cozy family and calmly bring up children. With this you can handle: make a list of exceptions that do not bitch. They certainly exist: for example, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, daughter ... This exercise will open your eyes wider, and think about the fact that, consciously narrowing their range of perception, a man steals from his own life.


2. "The hunt for virgins." Is understandable obsession with men "right of first night": here solved the problem not so much about love but about power and prestige. In fact, this is relevant only to a certain age: Yes, meeting with a classmate, as a means of girlhood, but if the partner age 25-30 - is difficult to expect from it the same (in fact - it is definitely problematic situation: in terms of your sexual development, and in terms of ability to realistically build a relationship). People encountered adults find each other not on a desert island, so it would be naive to count on "integrity". The main thing - the confidence of partners, and men are too suspicion as destructive as the falsity of women in this matter.


3. "If a woman imitating orgasms - means she is cheating." In some sense this is true ... But to understand what motivates it, it is much more important in this situation than to discover the fact of pretense. They lie usually to those to whom dangerous to speak the truth. If a woman suspects that the relationship can not withstand the test of strength: if she is lying, it does so either out of fear of hurting pride of her partner, the desire to flatter or unwillingness to upset, or fear of not pleasing (this is the most pessimistic in the sense of projection variant) . Therefore simulated orgasm - is an occasion to wonder why she is afraid to trust the partner, if a lie is preferable honesty, which, although painful at first, but still leads to clarify the situation and can help correctly build a relationship. Do not be afraid to speak frankly - because sometimes, once lied out of "courtesy", the woman falls into the trap of self-deception.



4. "Stolen is always sweeter." His neighbor grass is greener, thicker than pig, beautiful wife - an old truth. Therefore, men often looking for happiness in other people's beds, and it happen that them does not stop even the fact of friendship or kinship with their husbands "victims". In vain! Even if you forget about the Commandments and the boomerang effect, remember: the accent on the forbidden fruit is so fascinating that dulls the sexual pleasure of both the process and hinders the perception of actual partner. So - impoverishes experience. So - do not run on someone else's bed: better to bring order to your own, yet it does not lead to someone else.


5. "This officer, to blue-shaven and slightly drunk. This little guy was drunk and shaved before the blue. In fact, and dirtiness, and drunkenness are equally hostile to sexual intercourse.


Immorality - entrance gates for all sorts of infections (and simply deters partners). But the effect of alcohol, entered into a habit, has long been a maxim: without glasses can not start, and with a glass - to finish.


6. "Who is the woman dining - that it and dancing. This simple "wisdom" betrays a cynical attitude of men towards women. In fact, the sweeter sex than it is voluntary. Sex on the responsibilities - both in marriage and outside it - unattractive thing and has nothing to do with genuine pleasure.



7. Macho - it's cool! ". In fact, "just macho" - is rather primitive: If the skills on the height, but does not affect the soul, and sex is from a young age does not mean the feelings and romance - this is robbery itself and its partners. Sexual relations - not only the number and equipment. Strong - not someone who "abruptly all, but someone who is not afraid to be themselves, who are so sure of himself that could afford to be so, as you want, but not like" rules. "Anyone who does not like himself, cannot truly love others.



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